8 Ways to Pull the Plug on the Predator


8 Ways to Pull the Plug on the Predator

Like it or not the era of transparency is coming! All that was hidden is now being seen as the vows of silence get broken and the lid lifted from Pandora’s Box. For so long women (mostly) have kept silent on their intuitive hunches in the workplace, families and communities. But this is changing. Like a series of dominoes, as one woman speaks, she gives permission to her sister to dare to do the same.

Last year we saw the sex scandal of Harvey Weinstein come to light. A famous Hollywood film director exposed by a large number of women coming forward to say they were sexually harassed or assaulted by Weinstein - allegations he has denied.

This year is already shaping up as the year where Spirituality follows the same rigorous expose. And it’s about time. What I want to highlight is how the spiritual community hides many skeletons, not only the mess caused by teachers sleeping with their students, but the threats and isolation should anyone tell the truth. Woven within these covert communities is the pressure of handing over money, persuasion to sell property, vows of silence, being unable to learn from other sources and often brainwashed into believing families, friends and even other students are under the influence of negative forces. Slowly, slowly you are broken down as you enter the spell and freely offer up your own sovereign, free-thinking, intuitive self.

Everyone else outside of the community can clearly see and feel what is going on. That is why you are strongly urged to separate from them. This could easily include your own children, spouse, previous teachers, best friends and even animal companions!

Should you be lucky enough to be paying attention to your hunches and are correctly questioning the validity of what you are getting involved with, here is a 8-Step process to execute your plan to leave.

Or, perhaps you have broken away and are wondering why your whole life is upside down and you are finding it extremely difficult to trust anything again. Be patient. I have been there, you do heal, but it takes time.

As you take these steps, remember you are/have been in a broken and fragile state, you have been compromised. Your trust may have been torn to pieces and your mind filled with illusion. Gently, gently, gently find your true heart, and natural way to heal. Seek out goodness. Welcome laughter. Keep it simple, and you shall be reborn.

Name it sister/brother! Spill the beans. Break the Vow of Silence. Grant yourself the permission and power to speak up about your experience and inform others. This kind of corruption thrives on silence and fear by dis-empowering others. Break the spell. Speak Out.

  1. Decide to leave and get OUT.
    Just leave. Now. Pack what you can and walk out the door. Just go. I left with only the clothes on my back and £7 in my pocket.
  2. Close every form of communication.
    Block the predator on Facebook, email, telephone, google – everything. Don’t forget the Inner Circle, the people who cocoon the predator and administer his/her lies and veils. NEVER trust the Inner Circle. Usually these people are women, and are not to be believed. Block them also.
  3. Reconnect with trusted friends and family.
    You are going to need good old fashioned friends who know you and love you dearly to be around you as you slowly start the process of finding yourself again. These people must not judge you, or question you. You need to only to be held and to feel safe.
  4. Begin YOUR healing process naturally.
    Do NOT take another teacher. Avoid energy work too soon. Do NOT start looking for answers. First, rest. Unwind. Sleep. Find yourself on the inside and gently ease yourself back into the body.
  5. Learn to trust again.
    What can you trust after an experience like that? It’s not easy, but it has to be done if you wish to experience a good and wholesome life. I started with animals. Then it was yoga. I trusted my body and my breath. When I finally got the courage to go outside, I trusted nature.
  6. Restore your Intuition.
    Now, would be the time to begin some energy work once you have elements of your trust back. Being practices and process that awaken and strengthen your intuition. Strike up a dialogue. Record your findings. With reverence, approach your inner self and gently ask “What was the purpose of meeting this person? And why did I attract this experience? How more can I heal?
  7. Source from Truth/Love/Joy
    And now the difficult part – finding God/faith (again). This was very difficult for me, as my inner world felt very violated, polluted and broken. But, there has to be a time where you venture back into the self and begin to pray. Slowly, humbly and with great care (for your bruised and battered self), feel into source of your being. Find your sacred origins and rest there. No need for any big conversation’s. Just rest in union with your quiet eternal self.

    And then comes the Crown of the experience:

  8. Claim the antidote – the awareness and ability to inform others.
    Name it sister/brother! Spill the beans. Break the Vow of Silence. Grant yourself the permission and power to speak up about your experience and inform others. This kind of corruption thrives on silence and fear by dis-empowering others. Break the spell. Speak Out.
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  • Great post – super helpful for survivors.

  • Thank you! This a very powerful message . I will definitely use it as a guide. My comment, however, is on the opening paragraph about the Harvey Weinstein situation, exclusively. I have a big issue with as to WHY all these women had kept silence for 50, 40, 30, 20, 10 and so years? They all have developed glorious and lucrative careers from knowing this man! Isn’t that the reason? It is easy to speak now, that they have established themselves and have great support bases. Why were they silent when they were grabbed and touched and spoken to in a disrespectful manner? Probably, in the hopes, that if they ignored such behavior, it would help advance their careers? I know exactly what it is, because I myself was in a similar situation when I was 29. I had a promising career in international trade ahead of me. However, I stood up for myself and I laughed in his face, knowing that all my career aspirations would now go down the toilet. I was right. My career was ruined . I had to move to another location and start from ground zero. I am sure Harvey Weinstein did wrong, but looking at him now, broken, completely destroyed and abandoned, I ask myself: shall we take the path of Valkyries or is there a better alternative?

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