Mass With No Candles

Whether I am right, or wrong, on the button or majorly missing the mark - I feel called, as the author of Fierce Feminine Rising, and as a person, who…


Esclarmonde de Foix:  Magdalene II

The word Esclarmonde means ‘Light of the World' and she continues to be truly that. Her day is coming, and it's almost here. This year is the 777th anniversary of…


Redeeming Grace of Mary Magdalene

Once upon a time during the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, a Roman centurion called Longinus was instructed to pierce the side of Jesus with a lance. Being bullish and brutal,…


Cathar Prophecy:  Light of the World

Many say the Cathars were the spiritual descendants of Mary Magdalene, who came to France soon after the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.  Throughout Occitania, the region once known as…


The Role Of Priestess At This Time

The role of Priestess is like a rushing, tumbling river that silverishly snakes throughout the land bringing life to everything it touches, while at other times, that very same river goes underground, where it no longer can be seen but felt. The Priestess is the faith-keeper of a continuous lineage with the Feminine Principle that throughout the centuries has preserved its spiritual dignity, without the need for permission or recognition from any other source.


Time of the Sacred Masculine is Here

My most cherished friends, most of us have not known war, famine or catastrophe. Our parents may have, our grandparents - for sure.  As for us - we've most…


Rebirth of Kundalini Yoga (and all the Yogas come to think of it)

 I first sat down on a sheepskin in 1996 for a Kundalini Yoga class in London's East End, with Sat Katar Kaur. It was in that first class that I…


Wild is the Wind

I, for one, am affected profoundly by the waves and changes within the climate. Thankfully, I have a lifestyle that allows for many movements of exceptional creativity, and sometimes the…


The Mystery of Menopause, (we so have to get this)

Again - some pearls of wisdom from a fellow swan surrendered to the current that is taking us.Finally, after battling, withdrawing and crying, I think, I hope, and I…


Can a Woman Embody a Goddess?

Enhedduanna was the human embodiment of the Goddess Inanna. She is known as the High Priestess of Inanna, but what if the true meaning, and responsibility of a "High Priestess"…


Swan Phase of your Menstrual Cycle

I didn't know for sure what that meant, but I knew, just by the way they presented it to me, that it was something of a feminine nature. They drew…


Fiercely Feminine: Return of Sacred Order

We live in extraordinary times. The world is changing at such a rapid rate. It may soon be unrecognizable to most of us alive today. It is clear there are no linear solutions to the multi-layered crisis that we face today. All attempts to handle these issues with our old ways of thinking are doomed to a painful and protracted failure. However, a few months ago, I watched a TalkWorks interview on Nuclear Weapons with Anne Baring, a Jungian analyst and author from the United Kingdom; when I was struck with a profound realization.



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