The Mystery of Menopause, (we so have to get this)

Again - some pearls of wisdom from a fellow swan surrendred to the current that takes us.Finally, after battling, withdrawing and crying, I think, I hope, and I certainly…


Can a Woman Embody a Goddess?

Enhedduanna was the human embodiment of the Goddess Inanna. She is known as the High Priestess of Inanna, but what if the true meaning, and responsibility of a "High Priestess"…


Swan Phase of your Menstrual Cycle

I didn't know for sure what that meant, but I knew, just by the way they presented it to me, that it was something of a feminine nature. They drew…


Fiercely Feminine: Return of Sacred Order

We live in extraordinary times. The world is changing at such a rapid rate. It may soon be unrecognizable to most of us alive today. It is clear there are no linear solutions to the multi-layered crisis that we face today. All attempts to handle these issues with our old ways of thinking are doomed to a painful and protracted failure. However, a few months ago, I watched a TalkWorks interview on Nuclear Weapons with Anne Baring, a Jungian analyst and author from the United Kingdom; when I was struck with a profound realization.


Twin Souls and the Golden Age

  Last week I went to see Csaba Varga a researcher, author and public speaker on the Golden Age and the Higher Concepts of Love (Twin Souls) in Budapest, Hungary. This…


White Privilege

I have been asked to look and feel into White Privilege. I have been mulling it over for a few days and enquiring 'what is it, do I have it and if I have this privilege (which I do), how may I use it in a more altruistic way?'



I have spent the last few days feeling into the Amazon Fires. I have opened my heart as far and as wide as possible. Imagining how it must be for the trees, people and animals that are being burnt, killed, displaced and choked to death. I have done my utmost to let that terror in.


Intimate Anger

 I am coming to understand in a slow and grounded way, that my anger is expressed through a childlike conditioned response. This younger part of me, not only has limited…


Paedophilia, Sex Trafficking and Ritual Abuse

The recent Jeffery Epstein investigation is finally bringing into mainstream awareness one of the most diabolical human shadows into view. I am thankful this is now coming to Light. And I wish to create a body of writing where we can all safely and calmly unpack and examine this worldwide pandemic that tends to sweep through the elite and influential circles that govern, spiritually guide, protect and entertain our modern world.


The High Priestess: Male Initiation

In today's world, magical siddhis, charismatic power and unbridled knowledge will not do what needs to be done at a time like this. What is needed in today's priests and…


Sacred Prostitute as Spiritual Guide

  What does the sacred prostitute archetype mean to you in your spiritual practice? Ever since I can remember this archetype has been close to me. As a child, I…


Sacred Union:  Bringing Heaven to Earth

Can you remember a time when we sat together, in harmony, in union with the land? A time when wildness and grace flowed through our bodies and we were not separate from one another? When my maleness did not threaten you, and my femaleness did not distract you. We had one another's back, and together held the greater community in our heart?



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