A Tale of Mercy
A Tale of Mercy

Saint Peter stands at the Pearly Gates of Heaven's highest and brightest palace, holding the keys that allow him to invite or prevent souls from entering.

In his other hand, is an infinite scroll with a list of names that appear and disappear as every second passes. Those not fit to enter are denied entrance at the gates and left to drift aimlessly or descend into Hell.

Before him, a very long line of souls huddle together to keep warm and safe. They feel vulnerable and cold, as it is their first time without flesh. The souls mostly approach Peter in a state of humbleness, and he looks up the deceased's name before opening the gate. He takes his job very seriously and prides himself on doing it well, according to God's will.

Some he allows in, and some he does not. Those not invited find themselves pushed out of the line and into free-floating space, where they do not know what to do or where to go. They have no orientation and are very much on their own.

Somewhere nearby, a pair of wise eyes opens and instantly notices the ones drowning in the unknown. Like a busy and preoccupied Mother, the Holy Sophia lowers her vast Mantle across the battlements of Heaven so that it flows across the Abyss and touches those who have suffered and died on the dry and arid lands of this harsh and dark world.

It's an amazing sight! All the souls rejected by St. Peter the night before are climbing up the Mantle like ants that the Holy Sophia has extended to them in the grim darkness of the lower worlds. She tells them to cling on as she makes folds and pockets to tuck themselves into as she bypasses St. Peter and enters the Heavenly realm. Passing all the hierarchies of Heaven, she enters the Holy of Holies, where no one goes apart from God, and pushes open the doors to the Throne Room. The Lamb of God sits on the throne, embodying the most nameless, faceless, exquisite beauty and innocence. Every time she sees him, she weeps with an engulfing love at the sight of his heart. She cannot love him more, although every time she sees him, she does.

He welcomes her surprise visit and indicates to drop the beloved souls on his lap, where they can continue to rest and acclimatise in the warm embrace of his fleece, where he will attend to them.

St. Peter, agitated and perplexed at being bypassed, knocks briskly on the door of the Throne Room, asking God what he should do. He explains the whole situation as the door opens just enough for Peter to see Sophia depositing the souls onto God's lap. God smiles with so much warmth as he shrugs his shoulders and says, "Hush, Peter. Let it be."

And so the rejected and lost souls enter Heaven through the Enlightened and Compassionate Action of Holy Sophia. Those who were considered the worst of the worst are taken to the lap of God to slowly, over time, emerge from their coldness under the loving gaze of the Almighty God, who abides by the will of Sophia.

This explains the Mystery of Grace and Salvation to those who have the capacity to understand. It seems like a simple story, but it contains a profound truth and is a Fountain of Eternal Healing, Comfort and Compassion.