Archons: Forces of Anti-Awakening
Archons: Forces of Anti-Awakening

Let me just say that again: Whose transgressions are fatal to our spiritual progress.

Many in the New Age will say that these astral creatures do not exist, that it is a figment of our imagination. This, my beloved friend, is not true. There are plenty of things that exist inside and outside of us and these agents of chaos are very real and are very close in any given moment.

Archons are known as the rulers, servants or influential powers of the "Matrix". They hold the world of control in place, by invoking thoughts, that create emotions that result in actions. If we are not aware, we become their puppets, their playthings motivated by fear and tension.

They answer only to their Creator, something far more destructive than we would ever want to know. It is not worth going there, it's too big, too ancient and too 'everywhere'... but, what we can do is relinquish the archonic ability to hook into our minds and orchestrate our lives in its favour.

When we become super aware, you can sense them coming in. I personally can smell them with my inner nose. There is an uneasy aroma of artificial tendencies. A field of anti-love, anti-life and cruel intention. Like the "Deja-Vu" scene in The Matrix - we notice a glitch in our awareness. A hunch that something is not right, and low and behold they will start 'suggesting' unnatural things to you inside your head.

Now, before we go off exclaiming paranoid tendencies — take a breath and understand that humanity has been living alongside these things since the beginning of time. Every great tradition has performed ritual and ceremony to protect themselves from these influences. Every sunrise and sundown the Gnostics, Essenes and Cathars (to name a few) would pray for clear sight, protection and humility. But for some reason, we have stopped doing that. I think we believe that these things don't exist anymore, or that we have outgrown them.

I am not sure that is a good thing to be thinking...

It is said, the Archons do not carry within them the spark of the divine, that they have been created out a being who is false, without love and motivated by separation.

It is at this point the New Agers jump in, saying nothing like this can exist. That is not true. And this is how the game continues on.

What do the Archons want?

To maintain the world of control. To keep us preoccupied with fear, separation, chaos, resulting in us eating more, buying more, drinking more, smoking more, working harder, taking drugs (pharmaceutical and recreational), creating war, buying weaponry, being hostile, killing off people, killing off animals, killing off land).... in other words - manipulating us to be like them, so that 'we' maintain the life they are accustomed to!

This is not to pass the buck but to inform and bring awareness of our own sovereignty. Check in with yourself regularly, be aware of your breath when you make choices, ask yourself "Am I fully behind what I am saying?" "Is this me speaking?", "Is this my choice?"

When you notice that an archonic influence might be whispering in your ear, declare from the very centre of your heart:

I am a sovereign being, and you have no hold over me. I am not part of your world and you have no power over me.

Breathe steadily and deeply. Choose Love. Choose Life. Choose Goodness.

And it will pass.

You may have come across a person being overtaken by an archon. The level of rage, insanity, destruction and mayhem is inhuman. Personally, I see this in some of our leaders. The level of war that can come through this kind of person does not reflect the emotional capacity that a human being is wired up for. It surpasses everything you have ever seen. If you have met one, you will know it.

Archons cannot be saved. Archons cannot be healed. Archons are not to be messed around with. I respectfully acknowledge their presence in either myself or others and pray for their passing.

Rather than go to war with these beings, my path is to choose my sovereignty and to align myself with courage and humility to come to prayer and goodness. This is not something I take lightly. It is a real and vulnerable moment. A real choice between Life and Death.

Back in the day we would have called them evil spirits. But what we have to realise is that as we have grown, they have grown and I sense their mission now is to sabotage and halt our progression towards awakening. There is so much at stake. Us humans are a powerful workforce, we generate so much energy, money, creativity, art, innovation and emotional currency. If we were able to take back that power and guide it toward a destination of our choosing (which we can, and must - then a whole new level of existence will come into view). If however, we stay as fodder for the Archons, then I suspect us, them and their Creator will eventually annihilate ourselves - because that is all that can happen.

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps by our beingness of sovereignty, our choosing of goodness, by taking back our power of choice, and being fully and radiantly in our hearts... perhaps, one day they too may opt to serve something else. I don't know. But I give them the benefit of the doubt - if there is such a thing.

Love and Honour to all Beings.