Rediscovering Your Womb after Hysterectomy

Anaiya Sophia, co-author of Womb Wisdom speaks to us directly about her experiences and discoveries of Womb Wisdom. After healing herself from a cervical abnoramility back in 2009, she turned her attention to the myriad of ancient teachings that guides a woman towards her feminine essence by reconnecting to the sacred power of the womb. Yes, but this is the Hysterectomy Association! Exactly – this applies to all women everywhere, with or without a physical womb. This is the key point she is making! Anaiya has spent the best part of twenty years studying physical and subtle human anatomy. She has been a yoga teacher for 20 years and trained to the hilt with energetic forms of healing, accumulating wisdom from teachers in the East and West. She has always been intrigued with the phantom pain and sensations that amputee’s speak of after a limb has been removed. As she pieced the jigsaw back together with her knowledge of the subtle energetic templates that every organ in the body has, she figured that naturally the womb would have one too. Not only that, but the womb is the original birthing system, the source of creativity – therefore it will be linked to a tremendous vortex of energy, that can never be severed.

She took these observations and began to work with women who have had part and all of their reproductive anatomy removed. And sure enough, once through the emotional pain of grief and loss, there in lies the “Well of Feminine Power”. The Womb essence was still there! All types of women, could feel once again that they could re-connect to their femininity and could tangibly feel the surge of life-force coming from that once forgotten place. That is one of Anaiya’s main points. When the doctor tells you, you have to have a hysterectomy there is this tremendous feeling of loss and being severed from your feminine essence. There is this cutting off in the mind, because the doctor has limited knowledge regarding the energetic’s of the human body. Soon, in the next 20-50 years this will be common knowledge. There is no stopping this wisdom now!

After full recovery from her own reproductive health scare, she is now out there spreading the word with her third book, Womb Wisdom: Awaking the Creative and Forgotten powers of the Feminine – as well as running workshops and courses. Because of her “alternative” background, she looks closely as to why women (and men) develop problems in their reproductive systems. Anaiya is a firm believer that core emotional wounds around sexuality and relationships are the key trigger in a woman’s life that starts this abnormal process off. Using herself as an example, she can clearly see how her once unhealthy approach towards sex and way she developed relationships with men, starting with her father, created endless problems around her sense of sexuality which lead to her eventually falling prey to cervical cancer, polyps and cysts. In her workshops, she has devised a system called “Sacred Body Awakening. This is a form of authentic and safe sexual healing that she has developed after taking herself through the programme back in 2009. Using various forms of bodily movement such as yoga, dance, breath work and guided shamanic meditation, she leads women through the nine sacred gates, starting from the lips of the labia, through to the very centre of the womb space. Each gate can harbor memories, emotions, feelings and visuals from that woman’s life. Painful and suppressed emotions can be stored in the various parts of a woman’s vagina, which can lead to all types of serious physical and emotional problems. Her work is non-intrusive, professional and loving. She has been on this journey and she understands the importance of reminding women that a tremendous vortex of creative and healing energy sits within your womb space, despite having a full or part hysterectomy. It is her life’s work to get this message out to the women in a clear and experiential way.

What does the Womb “work” do?

Discovering the energetic essence of the womb and taking those first steps to clear, cleanse and open its infinite vastness is an essential piece of the healing journey for every woman. Womb work doesn’t ‘do’ anything, it’s closer than that, I would say that womb work ‘gives’ you everything. It’s a discovering, an un- veiling and a re-membering. It’s the true orientation for a woman to be coming from. Usually, most of us women are stuck in the head, planning our futures and competing with the men to get on in this world. This is a most uncomfortable place to be, it is not natural and it strips us of our femininity. The essence of the woman is to go slower, to feel, to embrace and nurture all life around her.

Womb Wisdom reminds us how we can do that and remain in the twenty-first century, while earning a living and paying the mortgage. The Womb space is the original ‘seat’ that all female yogini’s and saints would mediate in. Not the third eye (that was for the men). Once tapped into the womb warms up physically as our attention rests in its domain. SHAKTI (life-force) begins to sizzle and surge, re-awakening all the naadi’s and meridians (energy pathways) so we may rise up and into the heart with strong rooted foundations and a sense of earthly reality. It’s the rock upon which we are built. The Womb is the deep silence, the sound knowledge of truth and the loving embrace that holds us all together, as a life form within all life forms. The womb reveals to us true sight, deep feeling and a sense of support and belonging that is second to none. This is your “Inner Guru”. There is no need for a teacher outside, you have the very best inside of you. When all else fails in life, womb remains as that pillar to lean against, that rock to hold onto and those arms to cry in.

That is why I feel so passionate about this work reaching those women who have had (or are about to receive) part or full hysterectomies. You still have a womb! The energetic template that creates the formation of the womb in a baby girl can never be severed, cut or taken away from you! The womb is timeless and continues on despite physical alterations. Womb Wisdom Workshops with Anaiya are happening regularly. For all events – go to the website for further details. Anaiya lives with her husband in the South of France, where they have a B & B and can accommodate small groups.  She often visits the USA, London and thge Netherlands. 

Anaiya Sophia

About the Author

Aletheia Sophia (also published under the name of Anaiya Sophia) is a Châtelaine, Living Grail and Author/Whisperer of Heart Opening Wisdom. She once taught workshops throughout the world and was best known for the creation of Sacred Body Awakening. Now, you will always find her at home in the French Pyrenees where she has taken on an almighty project – the restoration of an old Catholic summer house into an educational wisdom hub, temple, animal sanctuary and place of grace.

Known for showing up as a trailblazing resource of unapologetic truth and transparent courage, her heart is both fierce and tender.  She carries an oral message that stirs the remembrance of a continuous lineage with the Feminine Principle that throughout the centuries has preserved its spiritual dignity, without the need for permission or recognition from any other source.

Her books include:

  • Open your Heart with Kundalini Yoga (Harper Collins, 2002)
  • Mini Size Me (Lulu, 2005)
  • Pilgrimage of Love (Lulu, 2010)
  • Womb Wisdom (Inner Traditions, 2011)
  • Sacred Sexual Union (Inner Traditions, 2013)
  • The Rose Knight. Part I: Sophia (Lulu, 2014)
  • Sacred Relationships (Inner Traditions, 2015)
  • Fierce Feminine Rising (Inner Traditions, 2020)
  • The Grail King. Part II: Logos (Lulu, 2022)

Aletheia lives in the Cathar region of Southern France with her beloved husband Pete Wilson. Together they run Les Contes, a bed-and-breakfast at the base of Montsegur where individuals, families and large groups can come and stay.  Les Contes is a truly extraordinary place, with a bountiful healing presence.

Aletheia is able to conduct Baptism, Marriage, Divorce and Death Ceremonies as there is a Chapel and Spring on-site.