Shiva: I am, I Am, I Am...
Shiva: I am, I Am, I Am...

Shiva is this moment. The free fall into Truth. The full-blown expose of hungered for obliteration as two become one. The mind exploded into a million, billion pieces as the witness, drowning in love gets to meet their beloved, in an orgy of Absolute Truth. Shiva, the White Light. The Be All, and End All.

The staggering presence of pure penetration. There is no place that He is not. He has found you. All Eyes turn toward him. There is nothing other than this glance. Happening in every moment, in everywhere. Shiva is the Full Stop. The abrupt and inconvenient Truth.

Eyes moist and wide with wonder, quivering rasping breath, clamouring heart, levitating hairs, silence pounding in the ears … hanging on to our last smithereens of identity, he takes another step closer into us and whispers "I Am Here".

And we are Gone.

Falling to our knees, arms outstretched, arcing our backs in imperative surrender, a sound escapes our lips, and it is the cry of our true name. The utterance of this Holy Seed - spills upon the Earth as redemptive blossoms that kiss and caresses creation.

Shiva Embodied. Our full blown realisation of I Am. I Am. I Am.