Here is where we enter the physic realm that contains the ancient battle scars between the masculine and feminine principles that still to this day get played out in modern-day relationships. These three wounds are located in one (or possibly more) of our ten bodies. Since receiving the wisdom of these three ancient stories I have been able to at last wrap words and understanding around this once elusive memories. I am confident that you will feel and receive the transmission within these stories that will at last bring some relief and understanding as to why we have not trusted one another, and the ways and means of healing these age-old wounds from within the very fabric of our greatest civilizations on earth.

My feeling is that until these great wounds from our historical past are authentically transformed it does not matter how much work we put into our modern-day counseling and therapy sessions, they will still have the potential to haunt us. My theory as you know is to heal the entire timeline, from original cause to present moment.  With these stories, we have the keys to be able to access the age-old memories and transform the cause at its root.

 The Story of Separation in Lemuria (Love/Heart)

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Once upon a time there was an ancient land called Lemuria, a place of innocence, tranquility and peace. A subtle realm of delicate beauty, where freshly birthed souls still cooling from the fires of creation would tenderly undulate with the ecstasy of God’s Love.

These souls were androgynous and without form, simply existing as swathes of luminescent light that radiated out throughout the whole cosmos as waves of Divine Love. Created from divine desire, the purity of their essence caused even the Angelic kingdoms to prostrate in wonder at the magnitude of God’s work.

This subtle realm was connected to earth, but not ‘on’ earth, it existed in another space, just a few octaves beyond the third dimension. Lemuria truly was a dominion of light and beauty. A place of pure paradise.

As great lengths of time passed, deep within the nucleus of the soul a delicate shift began to take place. At a subtle level, unnoticeable at first, the first signs of change began to take shape. Gentle little movements that contained the desire to separate began to occasionally ricochet throughout the pure soul. From within the soul the finest mechanics of the soul, two separate halves were beginning to be created.  This was the original moment that birthed the beginning of duality, the tender division into masculine and feminine polarities.

The desire to separate was being generated from within the essence that went to become born as ‘masculine’ energy. There was a natural desire for it to know itself, to venture forward, to pioneer, to explore and to know what else is beyond this current experience.

The essence that did not desire separation was the feminine principle.  This part was totally fulfilled and content with its existence and did not understand this desire to go beyond what was already known.

As time passed the separation process continued on, subtly dividing the soul into two halves.  By now there was a clearly defined masculine aspect that was seeking total separation from the feminine.  He could feel her resistance and reluctance to move forward into unknown territory, and this feeling triggered within him an even stronger urge to ‘move on’.  By now the separate egoic identity was beginning to form, containing a voice that suggested to the masculine that he may have to go it alone, without her. The ego whispered that she might attempt to ‘hold him back’ from knowing himself and his place in the universe. For the first time upon hearing these words, the masculine experiences fear that the feminine may indeed distract him from his divine destiny, and so in response to his fear, further contracts and places his will in favor of a complete separation.

Within the feminine, there was this incredible energy of abandonment beginning to be birthed and felt throughout her awareness. She did not understand the desire to move beyond and to know more, and for the first time, like the masculine experiences fear that he may go and leave her completely. In the deepest of places she despises his desire to move away from her, and therefore withholds her loving emanations from him.  The egoic nature of the feminine was also being born as a range of sensory feelings, ranging from the fear of abandonment to an endless icy despair. The feminine immediately contracts at such feelings, and together at the same time the masculine and feminine witness for the first time the beginnings of a tear within their soul.


Together in unison they screamed at the appearance of the first tear within the fabric of their soul, as a wave of dread moved through them. They knew they were moving into unknown territory and that they weren’t even sure whether they would survive without one another. All of these realizations swam into their consciousness, causing an overwhelming sense of disorientation and fear.  The experience of this excruciating pain caused them to instinctively move away as fast as they could from the rip in their existence. The severity of this impulsive action inevitably led to an even deeper tear. In near paralysis they looked at one across the canyon that was already forming between them with a certain coldness laced with a deep and seemingly irreparable sense of regret. For within this moment, it was as if time and space stood still, and maybe if did. With one last glimpse at one another, they sided with their fear as they simultaneously turned their back on one another and powerfully pushed against the boundaries of their essence to further forge the full separation of their soul into two distinct halves. This separation was the birth of the original masculine and feminine principles on earth. In that moment there was a twofold manifestation. Not only did they find themselves separated into two distinct selves, but the diminishing of their soul light caused yet another occurrence. And that was the creation of a body of flesh.  Not only were they now separated by space, but now by form.


For the healing and transformation of this soul wound, it is important to enter into the story and feel how it touches and unfolds inside of you.  This wound lives within the boundaries of the heart in both men and women. It is the guardian that stands before you, suggesting the need and desire to ‘protect yourself’ from love. As you move towards full heart felt union, this will be the main wound that resurfaces. There will be a myriad of reasons, of why it’s wise to protect yourself, to not give everything to love. The truth is, what you hold back from love, is the extent of what you hold back from yourself. We imagine that a broken heart is a heart that has become wounded from love, when in actual fact it is a heart that is being held hostage from loving fully.


These wounds of abandonment and the fear of being held back and controlled are still painfully alive today.  With this story of the original cause, we are being given the keys to heal this injury at its root and creation, so that the waves of healing have the ability to travel both forward into the present day and back into the past, to the root cause.

Remember to feel both the masculine and feminine wounds inside of you, feeling the story from the different perspectives.  Human beings have evolved to such a degree now that both the masculine and feminine principles live within us.  But at the beginning of time, this was not the case, nor was it the intended desire.