The Original Split


The Original Split

The Great Undoing

Once upon a time, in the archives of human experiences there was once was a great tragedy that still to this day strikes at the hearts of all human beings.


This heartache comes from the memory of a time when there was a great distortion upon the Earth, when the masculine and feminine went into great separation and turned their backs on one another. The masculine held the deep desire to expand as is it’s essence, and the feminine felt this as a rejection, even as abandonment in some way.  That she felt that she where not enough for the masculine in some way and thereby began to doubt the truth of herself, feeling that she could not hold the love and that somehow the love she held were not enough.


She did not realize that she could grow in support of the masculine, that her own masculine essence could open and expand likewise within her own being. Instead she felt this as a memory of a wounding, of feeling left behind and dishonoured by the masculine.  That the masculine did not appreciate or value the love that she gave, but rather simply wished to grow, expand and to leave her behind.


The masculine in response to this began to feel that somehow the feminine left the masculine unsupported to grow and that somehow he could not be held and he felt this in someway as a separation from love.  He began to hold the idea that in order to grow, somehow he and his surroundings must be devoid of love. He then began to feel restricted and that he could not grow in the presence of the feminine, in the presence of love. He began to feel be-littled, constrained by the feminine, and so felt the desire to devoid itself of such if he where to grow, to expand, to experience himself more deeply and freely…

The feminine in response to this, felt herself so deeply betrayed by the light. She felt that though she held such great love, she did not have the ability to share this with the masculine.  She looked to the masculine, deeply wishing to give love, wishing for him to journey through her vastness and yet fearing rejection, fearing that what she gave where not enough. She did not know that it was for her simply to open to hold the masculine deeply as the masculine journeyed in expansion, that this were not an abandonment but rather a journey that they might share together.


She looked to the light of the masculine and asked what is it that I must do to love you? The masculine replied that it wished only to be held as it expanded. The feminine feared greatly that if she gave this she would be abandoned, fearing deeply that if she gave that which the masculine asked she would be left behind, and so she gave all else but this.  She did not realize that if she would but open to hold, to support, to nurture the masculine in it’s expansion, in his initiation, his learning would be met and would be free of that which lived unresolved within the field of his energy.


After some time the masculine realised to himself that he had left something out within his existence.  He could recognise that some element was missing, and in its place was emptiness. He remembered the feminine, and considered to himself that he was living without love.  He contemplated the idea of returning to the feminine, but a fear so large arose within him, that the love within the feminine, if opened would consume him. Because this love for so long was rejected, by the time the masculine returned the notion of this fear had grown and magnified. He had a notion that if the masculine unites with the feminine and opens to the feminine, he will be consumed, lost, held back, controlled, manipulated and will not be free. He did not realise that the feminine could share with him the gentle ease of being, and the ways in which he could love and hold himself. She also was the gateway to the great mystery of love, and could through grace, delivery the masculine to unspeakable union with God in a rapturous and ecstatic way.

So through this we share an ancient belief that arose within the collective field of the mind of humanity.

The notion that the masculine betrays, abandons and leaves behind and that no matter how much love is given, it is never enough.
The notion that the masculine must devoid itself of love, of the feminine to grow, to expand and to develop.
The notion that if the masculine unites with the feminine and opens to the feminine, he will be possessed, held back, controlled, manipulated and will not be free.

The notion that somehow love and the feminine are flawed that it can never give what is truly needed, what is truly asked for.

The notion that if the feminine unites with the masculine and opens to the masculine she will be betrayed, rejected and left behind.




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Anaiya Sophia

About the Author

Anaiya Sophia  is a Myrrhophore (mistress of sacred oils), Mystic and Author of revelatory wisdom. She carries an oral mystery that stirs the remembrance of a continuous lineage with the Feminine Principle that throughout the centuries has preserved its spiritual dignity, without the need for permission or recognition from any other source. 

She recognises the need for Initiation and uses the mythical intelligence of her years to orchestrate those Rites of Passage. Her methods carry the hallmarks of a mystic, so unmistakable in today's sugarcoated world of partial truth and placating love. Her ferocious allegiance to direct experience imparts wisdom, lasting transformation and personal depth.

Anaiya lives in the Occitan region of Southern France with her beloved husband Pete Wilson. They run a B & B in the beautiful village of Puivert, called  Occitania Bed and Breakfast where individuals and small groups can come and stay.  Anaiya is also able to conduct Baptism, Marriage, Divorce and Death Rite Ceremonies.


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