War on Consciousness

Its great manifesto declares - there is nothing out there, and how we are all one. Perhaps that is true, but there are important stages along the way to this realisation if we are going to take the path of genuine awakening.

Spiritual Myths Created By The Dark Empire

  1. There is nothing outside of us. 
    Untrue, there is plenty outside of us interfering, influencing, coercing and tampering with our perception and reactions. There is a whole host of influences with us at any given moment.
  2. We are all One. 
    Maybe that is true in the long run. But in order to discover whether that is really true in the now, we must develop our eyes to clearly see the agendas and distortions before being placed over us. And then decide whether we want to be one with that, or not.
  3. Nothing outside of you has any real power. 
    Oh yes, it does, but unless we really, really know 'there is no spoon' we will be bombarded with agents that interfere and usurp our power, and we won't even know it — until we do.
  4. It's all love. 
    Maybe. But until we have completed this journey and fully restored our wisdom there are many steps and stages along the path that are anti-loving, anti-awakening, agents of false truth and agents of false humility. I personally do not believe that is any form of love I have ever come across.
  5. There is no truth to be found out there. 
    I disagree. I believe the biggest threat to the Dark Empire is the people gathering and sharing information, sharing healing and awakening modalities and exchanging natural and sustaining ideas. I believe that truth can be shared amongst people through interaction and communication.
  6. All negative observations are projections. 
    Perhaps, but perhaps not. If we believe and live like that we shall be rendered as a neutral fence-sitter that is ineffective, passive and impotent in a time when we must be extremely active. Perhaps what we think of as projection is, in fact, genuine and accurate intuition. To turn our back on that innate gift, as the new age suggests, will be to relinquish our deeper knowing and psychic navigational skills.

Within our inner and outer reality there is a whole host of forces and influences being orchestrated by a reality that can that at times can be clearly seen, but mostly felt. They are the agents of the Dark Empire whose job it is to keep us inactive and fearful by giving our power away to the agents that come in via our thought forms, mood swings, movies, music, digital technology, but most of all - through social media. The Feminine Rising is the biggest threat to the Dark Empire because her natural response is to gather together, to communicate, to share, to cross-pollinate, to encourage to heighten and to inform the direction of our genuine spiritual awakening.

If the people gather and regain their inner knowing, the Dark Empire will crumble. Why? Because we will' see' the wool before it gets pulled over our eyes. We will 'hear' the motive and agenda before the words get spoken. And we will 'feel' the presence of a dark atmosphere and not be afraid of it anymore. Instead, we will challenge its assumed authority, and pull the plug on its limited hold over us. However, this will never happen if the people do not come together and share their knowledge openly without assuming hierarchy. And no good can come if only the world of humans is being considered.