What Is Mystery School?

This is done in many ways.  The most powerful way is by initiation. This process is brought together by a co-creation of divinity, initiate and guide.  All 3 aspects come together at the threshold of the Initiation, but only the initiate and divinity may enter this Bridal Chamber. 

The initiations are not easy, they will take you to the edge of your fears and limitations.  This taut and intense experience will sift out who is ready and who is not.  Your guide knows your body and soul are safe.  But as for your thoughts and emotions - they will be running wild and in circles. 

As you pass into the Underworld and surrender to its path - at the very last moment - gnosis is revealed.  From out of nowhere a direct and undeniable connection is made, which shatters the gruelling experience of the Underworld from out of view.  You are now face-to-face with your maker.  This connection is so far-reaching, so intimate and All, that every form of searching and seeking is now over.  The initiate has been found. 

People who are attracted to Mystery School are already aware that one day this great big event is going to happen.  Part of them is already in the Mystery School, and receiving training just under the radar.  By consciously entering Mystery School - they are saying yes to the Initiation. They know that something has been placed inside of them for safe keeping.  And when the time is right the seal will be broken and the contents revealed. 

Therapy cannot do this.  Drugs cannot do this.  Sex cannot do this. Only that which is inside of them can create the perfect ground for direct revelation. This personal and intimate meeting is not the imagination, nor is it a vision.  It is not a dream or a hallucinogenic experience. It is the full psycho-spiritual exposure of the person to Absolute Reality.  And because it comes unexpectedly, the experience obliterates many if not all forms of trauma, wounding, sabotaging complexities and primal fears. 

Mystery School doesn't give you answers. It brings you ever more profound questions.  The contemplation of these questions, bring you insight and understanding.  You are developing and deepening your mind to reflect upon divinity until you see that which you have been searching for.