Mary, Sarah and the Journey to France


GBP £ 55.00

Mary, Sarah and the Journey to France

Recorded during Mary Magdalene’s Birthday and the Feast Day of Sara’h

A rudderless boat bobs helplessly on a storm-swollen sea and those on board face certain death…but then a miracle occurs. Guided by the hand of the Goddess, an Oracle Gypsy Queen wades into the water with her multi coloured, multi layered Romany dress and brings the boat safely to the shores of Provence. Out steps Mary Magdalene, and a handful of significant and suprising others who are as ripe as a peach to spread The Word throughout the South Western Region of Southern France.

Join me for Six Nights of Mystical and Accurate (ish) Storytelling taking place at the time this arrival is known to have happened. Stories that stir the ancient flavour of these days revealing why, how and what happened as the Feminine aspect lead The Way throughout a birthing Europa.

  1. The Arrival
  2. The Journey
  3. The Valley of Love
  4. The Mountains
  5. Pure Grace
  6. The Continuation


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