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Dearest Friends,

Where to begin with this ever-growing body of work that retrieves and makes whole the personification of Sacred Wisdom? I suggest you start with a 12-month Mystery School pass granting access to all past and forthcoming Transmissions and Talks for a one-time payment of £144, or a One Month Mystery School pass for £33.


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Holy Order of Mary Magdalene: Mary's Ministry in France

Join Aletheia for twelve weeks as we unravel more intimately Mary Magdalene's time here in the South of France

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Mary Magdalene's Audio Guide to the South of France

A 12-part Audio Guide following the footsteps of Mary Magdalene throughout the South of France.

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Sacred Body Wisdom: The Bestower of Healing

Thursday, January 1st, 1970
8 AM CET Worldwide

Seven Ministrations to the Soul

Join me for seven Sunday sermons coming from my deepest heart in the vein and direction of where I long to return to...

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SOPHIA: 13 Blessings of Luminous Action

Register to join us for thirteen Fridays at twilight, we will focus on the Word and Wisdom of God as a propelling force, driving us into that final and much-needed stage.

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