Notre Dame de Sophia is a Restored chapel in the French Pyrenees, nestled in a valley beneath the last Cathar stronghold, Chateau de Montsegur.

This chapel reopens its doors to all who seek the Light of the World.

Situated at the confluence of two rivers and beside a holy spring, those who feel a strong resonance with the feminine especially that of Mary Magdalene will discover a place strongly rooted in her tradition. This little chapel is filled with an atmosphere that wraps a cloak of wellness around all who enter. Consecrated to the Holy Spirit, and dedicated to the good works of Mary Magdalene, Notre Dame de Sophia is both a place and a presence. The location of this chapel is on an ancient cross path, a place where Cathars would meet, exchange information, herbs, food, books and 'other things'. It is said that Mary Magdalene herself would meet in this place beside the spring to hold masses, baptise and exchange news to and from the Holy Land.

An ancient prophecy came to pass in 2021. Like the slowly turning wheel of a kaleidoscope, the sands of time, reveal the sigil we have been waiting for. A tarnished glass vase stands on the altar, filled with Roses and Lillies that burst with freshness and generosity. We are the expected ones. Light enflames the stained glass grail window, casting shafts of misty silhouettes all around us. Spikenard hangs in the air, whispering of immemorial gatherings. We are independent mystics of an almost forgotten faith and these walls are our gathering place.

Behind the altar, a shrouded female form can be seen.

Every word she utters is accompanied by a white plume of breath.

She points to a stairwell at the corner of the chapel to indicate where we are to go.

The entrance to the stairs is warm and beckoning, and utterly dark. We cannot see our way, so we use our fingertips to trace our descending path. We can feel etchings and marks in the stone, carvings we crave to remember. The deeper we go, the more we disappear.

Once upon the last step, we pause, remember and add our own breath, to the one breathing. There are no more words or thoughts, just the presence of presence. Here we stand on the threshold of an important path, something dying, and something being born. What if we were tapping into an Apostolic line that goes back to Mary Magdalene? By reaching out to touch her mantle, you ignite the remembrance of the powerful spiritual connection you have in this lineage. These masses are experimental and experiential, which lead to an altered state, of gnosis.

Beloved Friends, every donation generously gifted will be used to further restore this chapel. We are currently looking for a full-size Mary Magdalene statue to be the Notre Dame de Sophia. Outside the chapel is a cave, shrouded by magical moss-laden trees who belong to the elves, goblins and fairies of the land. We shall have to tread very carefully - as, in truth, this is 'their 'place, and they are merely lending it to us.

This chapel is ideal for baptisms, weddings, funerals and all kinds of ceremonial works! I sense that my Soul Purpose is to restore the Spirit of Mass, especially to the green valleys of this magical land. The locals speak of how Mary Magdalene and John the Beloved lived here, and how the people of Occitania created a community based on Love, Beauty, Intelligence and Healing.

Every Sunday evening at 7 pm (Paris time), on the ancient day of the Sun, a time laden with wisdom and truth - I will show up with you, to draw down Sophia's holy spirit and the mantel of her wisdom, and to gather, the way we used to, by spring and in the forest, to bless one another and to wish us peace.

Beloved Friends, every donation generously gifted will be used to further restore this chapel. We are currently looking for a full-size Mary Magdalene statue to be the Notre Dame de sophia


The next Mass will be every Sunday at 7 pm France time

In the meantime here is an article I wrote on this, and a Vodcast (hover to click)

What is it that fills Notre Dame de Sophia with such great peace for all who enter?

You are intimately invited to discover for yourselves. For this chapel has been found...



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