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Notre Dame de Sophia

December 4, 2020
9pm CET

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Dear friends, This gathering is dedicated to *Our Lady of Fatima* and the message she brings.  As this year-end comes to a close let us remember her most poignant words and secrets. These candlelit masses lead us towards the many Mysteries that can only be discovered through deeper reflection in communion…


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Our Lady of Medjugorje

December 11, 2020 - 9pm CET


Notre Dame de Sophia. Our Lady of Wisdom.

Is a vision I am dreaming into being. It is a chapel, a church filled with voluminous silence that wraps a cloak of wellness around all who enter. Light enflames the stained glass windows, casting shafts of misty silhouettes all around us. Spikenard hangs in the air, whispering of immemorial gatherings. We are independent mystics of an almost forgotten faith and these walls are our resting place.

An ancient prophecy is beginning to align. Like the slowly turning wheel of a kaleidoscope, the sands of time, reveal the sigil we have been waiting for. A tarnished glass vase stands on the altar, filled with Roses and Lillies that burst with freshness and generosity. We are clearly the expected ones.

Behind the altar, a shrouded female form can be seen. Every word she utters is accompanied by a white plume of breath. She points to a stairwell at the corner of the chapel to indicate where we are to go.

The entrance to the stairs is warm and beckoning, and utterly dark. We cannot see our way, so we use our finger-tips to trace our descending path. We can feel etchings and marks in the stone, carvings we crave to remember. The deeper we go, the more we disappear.

Once upon the last step, we pause, remember and add our own breath, to the one breathing. There are no more words or thoughts, just the presence of presence. 

Beloved Friends, this chapel exists, it is close to the base of Montsegur, Southern France and we are hoping to become its new (old) custodians. 

Every donation that is gifted to us will be to restore this chapel by hand. The first quest will be to find a Black Madonna, who will become "Notre Dame de Sophia", an actual icon of the Sophia for our time. The next task will be a lick of paint over her crumbling (and slightly damp) walls. At the back is a gushing, tumbling spring (which is actually what "Anaiya" means in Aramaic).  Together, we will scrub by hand, her walls, floors (maybe not ceiling as I am afraid of heights - but Pete will!).  Outside of the chapel is a cave, shrouded by magical moss-laden trees who belong to the elves, goblins and fairies of the land. We shall have to tread very carefully - as, in truth, this is 'their 'place, and they are merely lending it to us. 

This chapel would be ideal for baptisms, weddings, funerals and all kinds of ceremonial works! I sense that my Soul Purpose is to bring the Spirit of Mass back, especially to the green valleys of this magical land as I do my best to tune in and remember 'the way' Mary Magdalene and John the Beloved may have held their gatherings. I foresee peace, silence, communion, abiding in the presence, and the gift of gnosis laying open before us. I see friendship, utterable forms of love, rest and faith.

I truly desire to contribute to the restoration of faith within our generation, older and younger, to be the same, if not more expansive, than our ancestors. "Faith' has been such a ridiculed and seemingly unimportant aspect of life, and this troubles me. How can we consul ourselves without genuine connection and trust in something more than our own minds and abilities?

Up ahead of us I see a 'terrible' and terrific time...

Therefore, I choose to gather together every week on Friday evenings, on the ancient day of Venus and Freya, beloved Goddesses and symbols of Love, Beauty, and Sacred Ceremonies. I will show up with you, to draw down Sophia's holy spirit and the mantel of her wisdom, and to gather, the way we used to, by spring and in the forest, to bless one another and to wish us peace.

What is it that fills Notre Dame de Sophia with such great peace for all who enter?

You are intimately invited to discover for yourselves. For this chapel has been found...


 The next Mass will be every Friday (Friday is ruled by the planet Venus).

In the meantime here is an article I wrote on this 

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