Baptism of Shakti:  Light and Dark Rivers

 It is said that Mary Magdalene would baptise others into the faith at the confluence of two rivers. Baptising in this way goes all the way back to pagan times. The meeting and merging of two rivers is a symbolic representation of what baptism means - the birth of a new being, forged from the alchemical fires of two seeming opposites, melded down into One unknown but familiar expression, outside of our dualistic understanding and cultural norm.


Surviving the Soul's Predator:  A True Story

Meeting the predator has been the single most intense period of my life. Because of this highly taboo and forbidden subject, I developed an inner naive curiosity towards the dark side of life, wondering whether the devil and evil really existed. I now realise without any doubt - it does exist. Both as an outer and inner expression, and as an individual and collective force.


Rise With Me: Make Sure Our Voices Are Heard and Acted Upon

This is my mark. This is what I stand for. This is what I am going to do and say With or without your support. Yes, I have made mistakes…


Fierce, Fierce Feminine: One Woman's Quest to Find Her Authentic Voice

(and sniff out the ways I silenced her) I wish I could say In the Beginning I was wild and unruly, creative and fun! That I was free to speak…


Healing the Womb after Love: Green Clay Ritual

Green clay is a compound of 60-80 pure trace minerals, fused together by heat in natural oxide forms and charged with a powerful electromagnetic energy and a strong negative ionic…


Clearing the Womb after Love - Yoni Eggs

The Yoni egg, jade egg, or love egg – are names for a beautiful semiprecious stone carved into an egg shape and polished to be worn inside the yoni (vagina). This was once the only option available, however now in recent years crystal yoni eggs have become available and is something I prefer to use.


8 Ways to Pull the Plug on the Predator

Like it or not the era of transparency is coming! All that was hidden is now being seen as the vows of silence get broken and the lid lifted from…


7 Steps to Ignite your Fierce Feminine

The Fierce Feminine is Public Enemy Number One and extremely damaging to a society built on greed, lies and control. This primitive, unapologetic natural force is rising within us. Are you ready to become Her?


The Power of Sacred Relationships during the Shift

Excerpted from Sacred Relationships by Anaiya Sophia and Padma Aon Love without power dissolves into an astral, weak fairy tale. Love without strength crumbles into an ungrounded, chaotic mess. Power…


Sacred Gateways: Igniting the Divine Fire of a Fully Awakened Woman

For too long women have sexually comprised their desires and longing, settling for less than they know themselves to be.  We have now arrived at a time in our…


Lilith and Eve: The Forgotten Woman

Here is the domain of the age-old inner power struggle between The Good Girl v The Bad Girl, personified at the beginning of human history by the feminine archetypes of…


Rediscovering Your Womb after Hysterectomy

Anaiya Sophia, co-author of Womb Wisdom speaks to us directly about her experiences and discoveries of Womb Wisdom. After healing herself from a cervical abnoramility back in 2009, she turned…



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