Menopause and It's Hidden Gifts

Beloved Friends, I have written three articles now of my experience so far of menopause. Although I had a lot of fun writing them - this is not the whole Truth. There's another side to all this - and it's glorious!


Menopause and Sex

"The loss of estrogen and testosterone during menopause can lead to changes in a woman's body and sexual drive. Menopausal women may notice that they're not as easily aroused and this can lead to a disinterest in sex". I used to read these kinds of statements in women's magazines and shudder, hoping to god this wouldn't happen to me. The dreadful truth beloved friends is that I am now one of those women.


Menopause and Marriage

Two very powerful words.  Two words that by themselves mean tremendous change and maturation.  Consciously bring these two giants of human initiation together and you have the perfect setting for a rapid decalcification of the soul. Unconsciously place them in the same room - and you have war!


Burning Through It...

Beloved Friends, I just woke up laughing and feel inspired to share more on Men-O-Pause.  In fact, I am going to be sharing a whole more, and often, because for us women in our 40/50's, this opens the door to a phase of life that once meant decline and death, but for us, with our added longevity, expanded consciousness and ability to articulate and navigate - this realm promises something new and exciting.


Star Fire Women

The Starfire is the menstrual blood of the Goddess. This term is first used in a series of ancient Sumerian tablets, describing a 'moon' elixir that flows from the great Queen/Goddess of an extra-terrestrial race, known as the Annunaki. The Star Fire was filled with components (DNA and a particular gene) that opened (and later kept open) the Pineal and Pituitary glands, granting clear wisdom and insight. It was ritualistically used in ancient (and modern) times by the early mystery schools, Priestly Elite, Kings and the male offspring of the Annunaki.


The Day A Woman Opened Me Up

A few years ago I became familiar with a travelling Tantrika who was living in the area in a quiet and unassuming way. People spoke of how she walked barefoot in the mountains with only water and chia seeds for sustenance. Her discipline impressed me, and for a moment I wondered whether our paths would cross...


Dark Night of the Soul: Healing Our Sacred Wounds

The Dark Night of the Soul is a term to describe a prolonged period of emotional and spiritual desolation in which there is seemingly no consolation. It can feel like a collapse of the perceived meaning in our lives. And it hurts. And it’s meant to.


Death and Dying

Our end phase of life seems so anxiety-ridden as most days are often consumed with doctors, hospital appointments and death-defying medication when the one dying really needs to turn inward, to rest and relax into what is coming.


War on Consciousness

I often wonder whether the new-age is part of the Dark Empire? In my observation, it attempts to spiritually cripple us in so many dangerous ways. In one single swipe, it could, and has, rendered our deep authentic knowing as obsolete and unreliable. Every day it drip-feeds influences that cause us to separate causing deep distrust and disdain amongst our people. Whereas, with another section of society, it seduces people into the belief of exclusivity, entitlement and being chosen.


Archons: Forces of Anti-Awakening

According to the Gnostic Gospel of Philip, an Archon's main objective is to keep humans ignorant of their divine origins beyond the physical universe. They are the seven great influences that make up the Seven Deadly Sins whose transgressions are fatal to our spiritual progress.


The New Predator: Spiritual Teacher Padma Aon Prakasha Accused of Abuse

"Fifteen women and two men have come forth with accusations of abuse against spiritual teacher and self proclaimed “child prodigy” Padma Aon Prakasha. They include allegations of physical and emotional abuse and manipulation."

More here

Shiva: I am, I Am, I Am...

The Glance. That moment, in the meeting of eyes between the lover and the beloved.  The ache of longing, for reunion, where there exists not just the union of two souls, but the crux of the universe.



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